Most-Needed Items

If you have most-needed items to donate, please send through the U.S. Mail or schedule a special drop-off appointment by emailing

We can ONLY ACCEPT new or unused equipment from the most-needed items list below. We cannot accept used, opened or expired items.

We cannot accept clothes, toys, blankets, books, magazines or other items at this time.

If you have most-needed items , please fill out this form and mail with your package or bring with you at your scheduled appointment.

UW Health 
ATTN: Sue Strandlie (PPE Donation) 
20 S. Park St. 
Madison, WI 53715

For questions or large donations, please send us an email:

Personal Protection Items Needed

With the intention of treating our patients safely and preventing additional illnesses, we are in need of the following Personal Protection Items.  Types of PPE that we request include medical grade or FDA-approved: 

Mask respirator N-95
(1860, 1860S, 1870+, 8210+)

Procedure face mask
(Ideal is with earloops)

Hand sanitizer
With a 60% alcohol minimum (12OZ pump)

AAMI Level 3 or 4
(All sizes: Large-XXLarge)

Eye Protection
Any clear face shield

Disinfecting wipes
With bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite: 0.55%)